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Julie-Su in: It could be Lust

Sonic the Hedgehog's adventures within this porn comic will change your perception of the world. You didn't think that busty females with fur would be as fucking as cheap prostitutes. It happens in this comic. This is why I'm not going into details about the comic because it's better to experience their sexual adventures one time rather than just listen. So, don't waste your time, and begin reading porn comics right now.

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Guide To Spanking

You can already tell there are a variety of characters from Sonic the Hedgehog's videogame series in the parody comics. The one thing that will be at the forefront of attention however, is… the booty spanking. The time is now for those furry butts to become red!

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Rouge and Blaze in: House Call

Rouge and Blaze undress and start kissing. They suck each other’s pussies and get turned on by the taste of pussy juices. Both girls are horny and they kiss each other and lick each others’ pussies. The furriest girls in the world get all wet and start to fuck each other. Both Rouge and Blazed have a great time fucking each other in doggy style, missionary position and cowgirl. They fuck furry pussy and make each other cum.

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Repopulate The Species

Cosmo put on a bikini and began to seduce the boys. She told them that she wanted to sex. She is sexy and a very good kisser. The boys are also very handsome and she is in love with them. They also enjoy the pleasure of her beautiful body. The boys take turns fucking her pussy, and the horny slut gets all of it. Her pussy is very wet. She also has a hot orgasm. She really wants to get fucked by both of these guys. There is also a great close-up of her face covered in cum.

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