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Dr. Finitevus M.D

As you can see from the cover, the book will tell a story that revolves around a doctor and four sexy nursesso even if you have never been a big fan of "Sonic the Hedgehog" world of video games, you still should check this parody comcis since it is packed with cool and kinky stuff in it like sexy furries medical uniforms, lesbian orgy, strapon domination , and a lovely reverse ganbangsession for a spectacular final!

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Lelouch of the Rebellion

The gorgeous blonde MILF was feeling tired and was looking to rest, so she lay down in her bedroom and fell asleep. The handsome man was watching her asleep and, after a few minutes she decided to wake her up by fucking her tight female tummy from behind. The MILF wasn't very pleased by this plan however, when she heard the guy declare that he was going to fuck her in doggystyle she was ecstatic. He fucked her hard and deeply, and she enjoyed it.

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Asuna – Nishida

In this comic you'll discover an intriguing story about a lass named Asuna and a few strange men in glasses. He has definitely got plans to get Asuna. The fashion plate starts to tear off the girl's clothes and begins to lick her pink lips, while Asuna is smacking her on the spherical tums. Asuna is enjoying this moment. A smile flows through her body and Asuna is already taking a huge cock in her mouth. This is often just the beginning of an captivating story. Do you want to know what happens following? The time is now to envision the young adult male engaging Asuna. Let the fun begin.

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Asuna! Close Call

Asuna fights an aggressive and forward-looking slug. The slug has the ability to give the lady many powers. He grabs her by her arms and cuts Asuna's clothing off. She's left with nothing more than her panties. The slug uses his strength to lift her up and the next thing he knows, he's kneeling. He's about to punch her when it is stopped. He gets up and grabs the sword of the slug. He then pulls out his cock, and begins to fuck her. She then takes the entire thing and suckers it down. He grasps her hair and demands that she take a suck of his cock. Her head is wedged between his legs as the cock is pushed in and out of her creating a gag. He fucks her so hard that she's bent and can'

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[Wareme (Koppe)] Shishi Ane (Akame ga Kill!) [French]

The comic, which is black and white tells the tale of two gorgeous girls. The two decided to relax and take a break. They did not get along and began to indulge in sexual fantasies. The girls started to hug and kiss each other. They then touched their pink pussies, and big eyes like watermelon. See what's next.

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Semeru Onna Ao no Yuuwaku (Akame ga Kill!) [Korean]

Long legs, big tits, beautiful ass and allof it being wrapped in a stylish outfit – this is the look that has made Esdeath from “Akame Ga Kill” very popular, even for people who have not heard of the series! All this beauty had to be satirized in a hardcore comedy based on hentai (even though it’s in korean).

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[Wareme (Koppe)] Shishi Ane (Akame ga Kill!) [Russian]

It’s a pretty chick sporting big tits, and a furious fight against the terrifying monster in tents on the very first page. Don’t worry, every fight will be over sooner or later. The winner will take pleasure in a variety of ways of celebrating their victory.

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Zoku Nee-san Route o Kill (Akame ga Kill!) [English]

If a female anime character wants to seduce her main character her, she’ll have huge juicy tits paired with cute cat ears and a tail. or just because he is nearby – doesn’t actually matters as long as he can fulfill this Neko-milf’s desire. This Hentai manga is parodies inspired by the “Akame ga Kill” series, but you’ll appreciate it nonetheless.

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[STREAM OF CREEK (CREEK)] Kurome ga Kill! (Akame ga Kill!)

Big sword or big tits What do you believe is better for a girl from anime who wants to fight the tiger-like monster? This is a hentai comcis therefore the right answer is. She’ll be fiss-up in all of her fuckholes regardless of how experienced she is or what her equipment is. Well, may be after the most important part…

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(SC2015 Winter) [Wareme (Coupe)] Shishi Ane (Akame ga Kill!) [English]

Hot chicks should never go against tentacled plants on their own if there are no heroes who can come to their rescue in time. The sexy blonde lady got lucky this time and now when the troubles are left behind she can finally to get relexed at the hot springs… andto be able to repay her hero of the moment of course! The next part is traditional for parodies based on hentai.

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